Germany Acts to Tame Facebook, Learning From Its Own History of Hate

By KATRIN BENNHOLD from NYT Technology Technology A country taps its past as it leads the way on one of the most pressing issues facing modern democracies: how to regulate the world’s biggest social network. The New York Times
Hundreds of Apps Can Empower Stalkers to Track Their Victims

By JENNIFER VALENTINO-DeVRIES from NYT Technology Technology Widely available services offer a range of spying abilities, including tracking people’s phones and harvesting their texts. As survivors seek help, the legal and technical hurdles are many. The New York Times
PayPal Agrees to $2.2 Billion Deal for European Payments Start-Up iZettle

By MICHAEL J. de la MERCED and NATHANIEL POPPER from NYT Technology Technology The Silicon Valley digital payments company reached a deal for iZettle, which is Europe’s answer to the mobile payments company Square. The New York Times
Cleared of Spying for China, She Still Doesn’t Have Her Job Back

By NICOLE PERLROTH from NYT Technology Technology Three years ago, Sherry Chen, a hydrologist working for the National Weather Service, had charges against her dropped. A judge says she should be able to return to work. The New York Times
New Ways to Delete Old Files

By J. D. BIERSDORFER from NYT Technology Technology Last month’s update to Windows 10 added new tools for automatically and manually clearing clutter from your hard drive. The New York Times
What Improved Tech Means for Electric, Self-Driving and Flying Cars

By JACK EWING from NYT Technology Technology Jack Ewing, who covers autos and economics for The Times, says a “Jetsons”-like future is still far off, even as cars become even more computerized. The New York Times