Twitter Refutes Inaccuracies in Trump’s Tweets for First Time

By Kate Conger and Davey Alba from NYT Technology Technology Twitter added a link to two of President Trump’s tweets in which he had made false claims about mail-in ballots, urging people to “get the facts.” New York Times
Bethenny Frankel’s Dark Journey to Find Medical Masks

By Jack Nicas from NYT Technology Technology New York officials tapped the reality television star to find masks for medical workers. She found a global bazaar of ex-cons and exaggerations. New York Times
How the ‘Plandemic’ Movie and Its Falsehoods Spread Widely Online

By Sheera Frenkel, Ben Decker and Davey Alba from NYT Technology Technology Conspiracy theories about the pandemic have gained more traction than mainstream online events. Here’s how. New York Times
‘Way Too Late’: Inside Amazon’s Biggest Outbreak

By Karen Weise from NYT Technology Technology A warehouse in the foothills of the Poconos has had more known Covid-19 cases than any of Amazon’s others after missing early opportunities to protect workers. New York Times
Get Ready for a Vaccine Information War

By Kevin Roose from NYT Technology Technology Social media is already filling up with misinformation about a Covid-19 vaccine, months or years before one even exists. New York Times