State Attorneys General Said to Be Near Formal Investigation of Tech Companies

By STEVE LOHR from NYT Technology Technology Their bipartisan effort comes after a smaller group of the state representatives met last month with antitrust officials at the Justice Department. The New York Times
Facebook and Twitter Say China Is Spreading Disinformation in Hong Kong

By KATE CONGER from NYT Technology Technology The social media companies removed accounts and said they were sowing divisive messages about the Hong Kong protests. The New York Times
To Power A.I., Start-Up Creates a Giant Computer Chip

By CADE METZ from NYT Technology Technology The chip could improve how quickly artificial intelligence systems can learn tasks. But its complexity and size (as big as a plate) could be a challenge. The New York Times
Paging Big Brother: In Amazon’s Bookstore, Orwell Gets a Rewrite

By DAVID STREITFELD from NYT Technology Technology As fake and illegitimate texts proliferate online, books are becoming a form of misinformation. The author of “1984” would not be surprised. The New York Times
Terrorists Turn to Bitcoin for Funding, and They’re Learning Fast

By NATHANIEL POPPER from NYT Technology Technology The authorities have begun to raise alarms about a steady uptick in the number of militant groups using the hard-to-trace digital currency. The New York Times