Huawei’s New Front in the Global Technology Cold War: Australia

By JACQUELINE WILLIAMS and RAYMOND ZHONG from NYT Technology Technology The Chinese telecom giant fears U.S. skepticism over the security of its products will spread to countries that have long been dependable customers. The New York Times
Google, Rebuilding Its Presence in China, Invests in Retailer

By RAYMOND ZHONG from NYT Technology Technology Its search engine has been blocked in the country for years, but the company is looking for other ways to be part of the flourishing internet scene there. The New York Times
Coming Down From iCloud

By J. D. BIERSDORFER from NYT Technology Technology Apple’s cloud service is intertwined with its operating systems, but you can move many of your files to a new online home. The New York Times
Stephen Bannon Buys Into Bitcoin

By JEREMY W. PETERS and NATHANIEL POPPER from NYT Technology Technology He was pushed out of the White House and then Breitbart News. Now he is focused on cryptocurrencies, which he thinks can disrupt the financial world. The New York Times
Your Wi-Fi Security Is Probably Weak. Here’s How to Fix That.

By BRIAN X. CHEN from NYT Technology Technology After malware recently infected hundreds of thousands of Wi-Fi routers, our personal tech columnist came up with this guide for ensuring the security of networking gear. The New York Times
Bitcoin’s Price Was Artificially Inflated Last Year, Researchers Say

By NATHANIEL POPPER from NYT Technology Technology A University of Texas team found evidence that a cryptocurrency boom may have been largely due to manipulation. The New York Times